Monday, August 29, 2011

Another interview with Prince Charming by BV Room 24

Prince Charming’s Interview

What made Cinderella stand out to you the most?

Cinderella stood out to me because, I like the way how she didn’t give up in herself, and even though her step-sisters and step-mum were quite nasty to her, she forgave them instead of doing something bad to them, so, I really admire how she did that.

What pressure do you feel to settle down and get married?

I felt quite pressured because, whenever I think about getting married, I always think about Prince William, and what he felt like, but, he didn’t want to get married at this big church, with one thousand people watching him, and cameras all over him and his wife, NO, he just wanted to be at a local church, and just about fifty people at his wedding, so, yes, its really hard because it might not be the right choice, and, if I don’t get married, people are going to be over me, and I will let my people down.

How did you know Cinderella was the one for you?

I knew Cinderella was the one for me because, I admire girls that have hope and never give up in there selves, and how she forgave in her step-family,so, I think thats really nice and I admire that.

What sort of wedding would you like to have if you didn’t have to have a royal wedding?

The dream wedding I would like to have with my wife and myself is at, a local church, nice food, and about fifty people at our wedding, and I hope I would like my wife happy.

What qualities do you like about Cinderella?

The qualities that I really admire about Cinderella is, her kindness, her smile, her look, her talk and, of course, the way she never gives up and how she believes in herself.

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