Monday, August 29, 2011

An interview with Prince Charming by IW Room 24

Prince Charming’s interview

What made Cinderella stand out to you the most?

Cinderella stood out to me the most because he looked so beautiful and when she danced right away I knew she was the one! She also stood out to me because she never gives up hope is so calm all the time and she shows pride!

What pressure do feel do you feel to settle down and get married?

I feel really pressured because in just two weeks I had to find someone to settle down with a get married. But the thing that annoys me is that my brother does not have to find someone to marry! I was annoyed because I had to get married at a big big church with 5000 or more people watching and that makes me pressured because if I turned up and said I do not have anyone to marrry they would be let down. If I did not get married I would have let down my kingdom and mum, dad and my brother and then I would have been embarrassed! I also feel pressured because I have all these cameras around me and I feel really nervous.

How did you know Cinderella was the one for you?

I knew Cinderella was the one for me because she loyal and she was so sweet to everyone she meets! I admire what she has done for the stepsisters and the stepmother. I love the way she forgave the stepsisters and the stepmothers and that shows that she was born to be royal because we all forgive! I also noticed that she has lovely manners and I admire girls like that. I found that she believes in herself and everyone else and she shows pride.

What sort of wedding would you have if you did not have to have a royal wedding?

I would love to have a quite wedding with a nice reception, nice food and nice people. I would love to have only up 70 to 80 people at my wedding! I would not wear my suite with all my medals on it!

What qualities do you like about Cinderella?

The qualities I like about cinderella are her smile, her kindness and her being loyal and her never giving up hope and believing in everyone.

About my life

Hi my name is Prince Charming and ever since I was a baby I was of course charming! I have dark brown hair and blue eyes! I always have to wear my suite with all my medals on it! It is annoying! I have a mum called Judy Charming and a father called Mathhew Charming! I also have a little brother called William Charming. But they are not as Charming as me! I have lots of fun in the Castle but since Cinderella came I have to change things. I still get bored staying that castle all day. My favourite colour is Green and blue and it is Cinderella’s favourite too. My best friend’s name is Charles Blubby and he lives next door neighbour to Cinderella’s stepsisters and stepmother! I enjoy having Cinderella in my life but it can be a bit annoying! So that is all I have to say about my life!

Prince Charming!

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